A Friend

A Friend Sermon Illustration

Former Detective Adrian Monk lives alone. He has no friends. He is awkward in social situations but yearns for a friend. So when he thinks he finally makes one, he does not beat around the bush to ask him if he’ll be his best friend. The moment, along with the man’s affirmative yes, is a tender scene that shows our longing for friendship (Monk, season 5, episode 11, “Mr. Monk Makes a Friend,” directed by Randy Zisk, written by Andy Breckman and David Gaeta, aired January 19, 2007, on USA Network). A good synopsis of the episode is found here: https://monk.fandom.com/wiki/Mr._Monk_Makes_a_Friend. Monk’s friend turns out to be a fake, but the detective’s longing is real. Friendship is a concept that cinema, television, literature, and music all celebrate: Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, Samwise Gangee and Frodo Baggins, or even Queen’s song “You’re My Best Friend.” Have you ever thought about the truth that Jesus has named you as his friend?