A Model of Marriage

Michelle Obama often shared how she met Barack after she already had her career, aspirations, and connections. At the time he was actually finishing up law school and she was his adviser (Geoff Martz et al., “Michelle Obama’s Independent Streak, and Her Romance with Barack,” October 3, 2008). She was making more money than him and on the rise as a lawyer. Yet he took a chance, asked her out, and she decided to take a chance on him. By entering into a relationship with Barack, Michelle did not give up her identity but instead became part of a union that literally became a model to millions. Christians may reasonably differ on President Obama’s political legacy, but his strong marriage is something all of us can admire.

Submission to Christ is not the absence of independence or individuality. We still have our free will and ability to make choices. When we submit to Christ, we enter into a mutually loving relationship. His desire to have a relationship with us transforms us by making us holy, cleansing us, and making us better.


Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Vote2008/story?id=5937546&page=1