A Poured Out Life

In an article titled “When Wasting Your Life Is Worship,” Jon Bloom compares how Mary and Judas each responded to Jesus in John 12. In our lives, we have to either choose the Pearl (earthly wealth; Matthew 13:45) or the puddle (a life of sacrifice for God).

“If we choose the Pearl, we hear in Judas’s objection the world’s appraisal of us. They watch as we pour our valuable time, intellects, money, youth, financial futures, and vocations out on Jesus’s feet. They watch them puddle in the bowls of churches, mission fields, orphanages, and homes where children are raised and careers are lost. And what they see is foolish waste. Expect their rebuke, not their respect. Jesus wants you to waste your life like Mary wasted her perfume. For it is no true waste. It is true worship. A poured out life of love for Jesus that counts worldly gain as loss displays how precious he really is”


Source: https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/when-wasting-your-life-is-worship