Trusting Scripture

Pastor Greg Gilbert wrote a book called Why Trust the Bible? In an interview about his book, he said, “If the Bible is reliable, then the logical conclusion to draw is that what the authors are saying really is true—above all, that they witnessed Jesus being crucified and then raised from the dead. And once you grant that, ‘Yes, it really is highly likely that Jesus rose from the dead—not just religiously or metaphorically, but historically’—then everything changes. All of a sudden, you realize that the deeper question, the one that the Bible has been pointing to all along, is really ‘Is Jesus reliable?’ Is he really who he said he is? Does he really do what he says he came to do? Once you arrive at a trust in the Bible, you walk into a whole new world of learning about the man who stands at its heart and center—Jesus, who is called Christ.” (Article source:

As Gilbert says, trusting that the Bible is true means knowing who Christ is and what that means for your life. The impact is huge.