Always Read the Instructions

Sometimes when you purchase a large item, especially those delivered to your home in a box, you have to put them item together yourself. What a drag! “Not only do I have to spend money on an item, but I have to assemble it myself. Are you kidding me!” In situations like this, one might feel inclined to rush through the assembly process, skipping the “optional” or “unnecessary” step of reading the instructions. In some cases, this common but hasty practice might prove counterproductive, leading to needless headaches and reassembly down the road. If we would just take the time to read the instruction manual, we could avoid all of this! Paul’s letter to Titus represents an instruction manual for pastoral leadership and Christian practice. Similar to when we purchase a boxed item with “assembly required,” if Titus will just heed these wise instructions, he will most likely avoid a lot of needless frustration down the line.