In the blockbuster film The Batman (directed by Matt Reeves, Warner Bros., 2022), a humorous contrast is created between the way in which the Batman is received by others and how Bruce Wayne is received by others. Of course, the contrast is humorous because they are the same person! In one scene in the movie, a police officer with the last name Martinez shows clear disdain towards Batman, treating him with contempt. In another scene in the movie, we find Martinez, the same exact police officer, speaking highly of Bruce Wayne, professing his admiration for him. Martinez is kind to Bruce Wayne, but unkind to the Batman. Little does he know, however, Bruce Wayne is the Batman! Jesus confronted and rebuked this type of duplicitous selectiveness and conditionality—maintaining that the truly kind person is the one who is kind to all, not just to some, and that the truly loving person is the one who loves all, not just a few choice people.