Better Than A Second Chance

Better Than A Second Chance Sermon Illustration

The new life given to Christians by God through Jesus Christ my not be best described as a ‘second chance’. Aaron Wilson illustrates this point quite clearly: “Think of a kindergartner taking a calculus test. Because he’s only 5, the little tyke bombs the test and receives an ‘F’ atop his page. The teacher might show mercy, tear up his exam, and forgive his failure. But the lad will not rejoice when a fresh, identical test is placed in front of him for a second attempt. While some Mensa-in-waiting kindergartner might pass calculus, there’s zero chance a fallen human can pass the test of God’s law. As Scripture declares, ‘None is righteous, no, not one’ (Rom. 3:10). And since there’s zero chance humans will obey God perfectly, why would Christians spread news of a God of second chances? Is it good news to get a second chance at the impossible?” (Aaron Wilson, “He Is Not ‘The God of Second Chances,’” The Gospel Coalition, July 7, 2016,