Brother Yun

“Brother Yun is a Christian missionary who was saved at age 16 and felt called to witness in different parts of China. He was imprisoned for evangelizing openly, going against the Communist government’s strict religious laws. “Brother Yun’s 3rd imprisonment was a very dark period in his life as the prison guards in the maximum security prison were determined to prevent his escape. So they beat his legs to cripple him permanently. They had him beaten up everyday, even in his crippled state. One day, God instructed him to escape from the prison. This was confirmed by a brother-in-Christ. Thus, on May 5, 1997, he miraculously walked past dozens of prison guards and out of the maximum security prison. It was as if he had become invisible to the guards. He did not realise that his legs had been miraculously healed until later. Throughout all the horrendous and painful experiences that Brother Yun went through, the word of the Lord kept coming to him, encouraging him and strengthening his faith.” – Hui Li Chan, Brother Yun Biography

Brother Yun is a model of suffering while trusting in Christ. May we be as unshakeable in our faith as he is.