“The Qualities of ‘Mercy'”

“When Jesus came to us, the Father sent him as one of us: to dwell with us, to sit with us in our misery and pain and to inhabit true injustice—because what could be more unjust than God himself dying a criminal’s death? He could have righted all injustice and enacted true mercy with a snap of the fingers; instead, he chose to bring the kingdom of God to people one at a time, relationally, often by ministering to their bodily, daily, gritty needs. He fed people; he let unclean women touch him; he sat with the mourning and raised the dead so that widows and sisters and mothers would be provided for. And then he forgave them their sins. His acts of mercy recast their suffering and delivered true justice; they went from being outcasts to being a part of God’s redemption story.”

We are all part of God’s redemption story: the only question is whether we’ll be found an enemy or friend.


Source: https://www.americamagazine.org/issue/qualities-mercy