Changing Landscapes

A stream or river visibly changes the land around it over the course of time. Just as our faith in Jesus requires us to make a visible change in our life, to act upon the directions God gives us, and to follow his commands, rivers are visible images of change as water passes over the land. A visible change is occurring. Water cuts into bedrock, moves sediment from one part of the river to another, erodes banks, and even causes the river to twist and turn differently after years of wear and tear on the land. Believers who are living an authentic, Christian life will also cause change to happen in the world around them. Diagrams of the stages of a stream or river can be seen here: Visible changes to the land can also be seen when a farmer plows a field, when a plot of land has been cleared for building, or when a structure is demolished and the land is left to sit and eventually grow plants again.