Visible Changes

When believers commit to being real about their faith, visible changes eventually happen. Their behaviors change, their vocabulary changes, their goals and dreams change, their lifestyle changes. In colder climates, vehicle doors freeze shut when moisture has gotten in between the door and the jam. For example, when the car is driven home in a chilly rain, the door jams get wet when the driver opens and closes the door when they arrive home. Overnight, the temperature drops, and the rain freezes, causing the door to stick to the jam. With careful technique, the door can be opened the next morning. But once the car is warmed and running, unless the car has a good interior defrost system, the moisture from the previous night’s rain and the water vapor in the driver’s breathing can cause the inside of the windshield to fog. Within a few hours, the driver has seen the water visibly change from liquid to solid to gas: all because of the effect of temperature. Observers of our lives should also see the effect Jesus has on us.