Christians, Consider Your Words


Author and pastor Dhati Lewis shares a story about an uphill battle he and his wife faced within the church as an interracial couple during their engagement. His then-fiancée was told by fellow white church members that she was being disobedient and rebellious in marrying a Black man. Dhati was told by his friends and family that it would be better to marry a nonbelieving Black woman than a believing white woman: “The sad reality is that I really believe they were genuinely trying to help us. … Both sides justified their responses. Both sides approached us as well-meaning people trying to keep us from harm and danger. But in our whole engagement journey, not one person took a stand to say that division caused by racism, discrimination, or prejudice is a spiritual and moral problem. No one was willing to call it sin” (Dhati Lewis, “Racial Division: A Real Problem, A Real Opportunity,” Send Institute, March 20, 2018,