Costly Forgiveness

Matthew West’s song “Forgiveness” is a radio hit because of its powerful message. It was inspired by an amazing true story about a woman who forgave the man who killed her daughter in a drunk-driving incident. Her forgiveness changed his life.

Jesus’s prayer for God to forgive his persecutors in the same moment they were torturing him leaves an example for us as well. We must forgive others when they sin against us. Even without their recognizing their sin or asking for forgiveness, we must show mercy to our enemies just as Jesus showed mercy to his.

Jesus went to the cross knowing what it would cost him. But he went because he knew his mission was to fulfill God’s redemptive plan. He knew that his death would bring our forgiveness, and he considered us to be worth the cost. Jesus forgave those soldiers who tortured him unjustly. And he also forgives us for our sin that put him there. Have you received the forgiveness of God through Jesus? If not, you can do so today. If so, then have you freely offered that same forgiveness to those who have hurt you?