Couch Potato

Men, how do we treat our bodies? How much time are we spending doing trivial activities? Many of these things are tied in together. We watch a lot of television which means we sit a lot. One public health study revealed people watch as much as five hours of television per day (Mark Hamer, Richard Weiler, and Emmanuel Stamatakis, “Watching sports on television, physical activity, and risk of obesity in older adults,” January 8, 2014). Too much television and the physical inactivity that goes along with it is tied to obesity and health problems. Men ought to be concerned about their own health and the amount of time spent watching or gaming. Men should also consider the amount of time spent on the couch is not only detrimental to their health, but the health of the marriage relationship. Hours on the couch are often hours away from the spouse.

A man must understand the value of taking care of himself before he can take care of another. If a man is struggling physically, emotionally, or financially, he is not in a place to take care of his wife in a healthy way.