Deadly Concepts

It is important to have the right concept about who Jesus is. Steven Cole writes, “Correct concepts are crucial. Wrong concepts can be fatal. In 1865, when Abraham Lincoln was shot, doctors had the wrong concept that it was beneficial to drain some blood from an injured person. And so the President, who had already lost a lot of blood through his bullet wound, lost even more blood because the doctors had a wrong concept.” Nowadays, we know that draining more blood from a victim who has already lost a lot of blood is not a good idea (not a good concept). Abraham Lincoln, as we all know, died. Just like the doctors’ bad concept of how to treat the late President Lincoln, we can have deadly concepts about who Jesus is. Psalm 110 helps keeps us on the right path (Steve J. Cole, “Psalm 110: What Do You Think about Christ?,” April 23, 2013,