God Plans And Purpose


The film Signs tells the story of a former pastor, Graham Hess, who has lost his faith due to his wife’s tragic death. Toward the end of the movie, as a deadly alien enters their home, Graham recalls his wife’s dying words—which included the puzzling instruction to tell his brother, Merrill, to “swing away”—and quickly discovers what Joseph discovered in the book of Genesis: that God was turning evil into good (Genesis 50:20), working in all things and through all things to accomplish his perfect plans and purposes. In a moment, when Merrill begins to weaken the alien (with water from the unfinished glasses that Graham’s daughter Bo inexplicably leaves around the house) and ultimately defeat the alien (by “swinging away” with his trophy baseball bat), and when Graham finds that his youngest son’s asthma condition actually prevented him from being killed by the alien’s poisonous gas, it all comes together! God was working all things out for the good of his family all along.