Our Views Are Not God’s Views


In the animated film Luca (directed by Enrico Casarosa [Walt Disney Pictures, 2021]), Mr. and Mrs. Paguro, the title character’s parents, have a myopic view in mind for their son’s future. As a sea creature, Luca’s parents believe he is destined exclusively for life underwater as a fish herder. But Luca quickly discovers that he can transform into a human being on dry land. Much to the chagrin of his parents—who instruct him never to leave the water, out of fear of the murderous land dwellers—Luca masquerades as a normal human being and travels to a nearby coastal town, where he enters the annual triathlon. If he wins, he hopes to use the money to purchase a Vespa! After winning the race, the townspeople discover that Luca is actually a sea monster. To his parents’ surprise, however, the people of the Italian coastal town end up accepting Luca for who he is, enabling him to leave his life as an underwater shepherd and pursue his dream of attending school on dry land. Sometimes we may have a myopic view of God and his plans for us. Thankfully, God is not limited by our shortsightedness and narrow-mindedness.