His Presence: The Cure for Exhausted and Overwhelmed

Life can be exhausting and overwhelming. Without even expecting it, our lives can turn from unwavering confidence to unyielding fear. Clarissa Moll shares her of learning to lean again into the safety of Jesus in a world that feels so uncertain. Reflecting on the sudden loss of her husband a few years earlier, she says “With the tenderness of a shepherd, Jesus began to coax open my clenched hands, my fearful death grip on life. I sensed him asking me to step out in faith, to trust his voice calling me forward into my new life as a widow. God’s power and presence had not disappeared with Rob’s death; they were still available for me”(Clarissa Moll, “The Only Perfectly Safe Place to Be,” The Gospel Coalition, March 19, 2020, https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/perfectly-safe-place/). This might be a good article to illustrate how Elijah could have felt the way he did even after the events of Mount Carmel.