In Person

While the internet provides very valuable tools, tutoring for our children, directions on fixing the washing machine, and online Bible studies galore, nothing can replace the people who care about us and can see through the facade. When the author of Hebrews warns the reader not to forsake meeting together, it isn’t because sitting in church, singing a few songs, hearing a sermon, and eating a cookie while you wander out the door is the key to persevering in the faith. He warns us not to isolate because we need one another. We can’t hug one another through the Marco Polo app. We can’t see the sorrow in one another’s eyes through a text message. It is virtually impossible to confront in love in an email. God’s work, through the church, to refine, encourage, and support one another is done primarily in person. Screens aren’t the enemy, but they can distract us from investing in those around us and allowing others to invest in us.