Serenity Now!

In a Seinfeld episode, Kramer adopts the mantra “Serenity now!” to calm himself down. Things come to a head when some children in the apartment complex vandalize his entryway. Kramer has a breakdown and can be heard screaming, “Serenity now!” while the sound of things being destroyed is heard. It is later revealed that he destroyed twenty-five of his friend’s computers during this emotional breakdown. As humorous as this clip is, how often do we approach peace through some sort of accomplishment perspective? “If I say this mantra or do this routine, then I’ll be able to handle stress, disappointment, and general storms of life!” But as the clip humorously shows—and as we’ve experienced in this life—eventually those tactics will let us down. That is why we need the truth and comfort that comes from God’s Word, and the peace it points us toward.