Be Intentional and Invite People to Church

When it comes to effective evangelism, it’s not just the mega churches that can make a big impact. Churches big and small just have to keep doing the basics with intentionality. After examining thirteen factors that, when practiced consistently, make churches of all sizes effective in reaching and staying connected with new believers, researchers found that those who convert and retain the highest percentages are intentional about reaching out to invite people to come to church and being very hospitable to the lost when they do come (Bob Smietana, “When It Comes To Evangelism, The Small Things Really Matter,” LifeWay Research).

We are all called to share Christ, no matter how young or old we are, no matter whether we are new to the Lord ourselves or we are seasoned believers. Do you invite others to come to church? Why or why not? Do you look for the opportunity while you are out and about to look into people’s eyes and tell them that God is real, that Jesus loves them and died for them to have abundant life? No effort to share God’s Word is too small, because even one, just one, person’s life could be changed forever. And such a one is celebrated in heaven.