Misunderstood Works

We know that our faith is not born of our righteousness and neither are our works. Megan Kruger writes about the difference between spiritual fruit and self-righteous works at The Gospel Coalition. She writes, “The work of the Spirit always overflows in worship. When we find ourselves living lives of obedience, showing forth joy and patience, kindness and love, our hearts abound with thanksgiving. We rejoice, not in our own righteousness, but in the work of the Spirit within us. There is no judgment for others because we recognize all our works are simply a gift born within us. We do not look down on others who are struggling; we just keep inviting them to Jesus.”

As we seek to live out our faith with good works, we must take care to evaluate our motives behind those works and ask for the Spirit’s help in maintaining purity of heart.

Source: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/melissa-kruger/spiritual-fruit-vs-self-righteous-works-2/