Jurassic Park


“He left us! He left us!” This is what Lex screams in the thriller Jurassic Park (directed by Steven Spielberg [Amblin Entertainment, 1993]). The scene shows two stalled cars in the rain, while the theme park loses power, leading to the release of the dinosaurs. Lex and her brother are in one of the cars with the theme park’s lawyer, Gennaro. As soon as Gennaro sees the T. rex emerge from the night, he leaves the scared children in the car to hide in a nearby bathroom. Dr. Grant runs from the other car to the aid of the terrified children and, hearing Lex’s statement of abandonment, says, “But that’s not what I’m gonna to do!” The knowledge that God is unchanging reveals a steadfastness and consistency in God that we can find nowhere else. When we scream that something has changed or failed us and we feel alone, God comes to us and says, “I’m always here.”