Knotted Jumble of Life

“Have you ever compared the front and back of a tapestry? The front of a tapestry is art. In the hands of a skilled weaver it displays incredible artistry and fine detail. … The back of a tapestry is a mess. A tapestry is made by weaving together different-colored threads, and the images and designs are created by the interplay between the different colors and textures. What is clear on the front is opaque on the back. … Where the front is smooth, the back is covered in knots and loose ends” (Tim Challies, “God’s Tapestry,” Challies [blog], January 19, 2015, Corrie ten Boom and Joni Eareckson Tada have both used this powerful illustration, reminding us that the knotted jumble of life is only knotted and jumbled from our perspective, from this side of the tapestry. If we were to see God’s perspective, we would see the beautiful artwork he is creating. Daniel’s life is a witness to the kind of faith that hopes and believes in the front of the tapestry, even when the back is all we can see.