Reckless Mercy

My Refuge House is a home for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation in the Philippines. This organization provides incredible support to girls who have been abused in horrific ways and who now struggle to find healing, education, and future job training (“About My Refuge House,” My Refuge House, One of the most powerful things about MRH is the way they display God’s reckless mercy to all of us. Some of the women who go through MRH’s program and are reintegrated into their communities end up desperate for money and security and go back to the lifestyle they were trapped in before. When these women return to the MRH campus, desperate for resources once again, they are always taken back. It would be easy to scoff at the request for more and more mercy when some of these women have shown time and time again that they will fail and go back to their old life.Throughout the Bible, we see the same kind of mercy from God.