The Law: An Impossible Standard

We need to learn that the law was never intended to function as a standard that we can actually meet, but as Paul says in Romans 3:9-20, as a way to reveal our sin. The longest distance a human has ever swum is close to 140 miles, when a Croatian man swam across the Adriatic Sea from Grado to Riccione, both in Italy (“Longest Ocean Swim,” Guinness World Records, accessed January 3, 2018). If you asked two people to swim double that distance (280 miles), they wouldn’t make it. Their bodies would give out before reaching their destination. It wouldn’t matter who got closer to the 280-mile mark; neither would have accomplished the standard that was set for them. The impossible standard set by the law doesn’t give us the ability to compare or compete; it convicts every one of the same imperfection.