Stranger Things and the Power of Temptation

In the Netflix show Stranger Things (Season 2, Episode 3), Dustin finds a strange little creature in his trash can. He takes it home as a cute pet, but it is obvious to those watching Dustin has made a terrible mistake. The creature, Dart, which is a baby monster, begins to grow into something terrible and uncontrollable. Dart started off cute but once he was fed, he grew into the monster he was created to be. Dustin later realized he should have destroyed Dart when he could have but he let him grow. Temptation might start off as a “cute” little desire. If you feed it by participating in it, going through with something you know is wrong, it will grow into sin and once it grows into sin, it can become uncontrollable. It can get out of control and destroy reputations, relationships, and even lives.