Like A Boss

True leadership is servant-leadership. Have you ever noticed a boss fulfilling a “small” task when no one else was there to do it? That’s servant-leadership. Have you ever noticed a boss allowing that task to go unfulfilled because no one was there to do it, when he or she very well could have done it? The second example is human nature. We like to take the easiest road possible. While delegating is absolutely necessary for any leader, there comes a time when every leader needs to perform tasks that are on the bottom of everyone’s list. Christ also got this point across by explaining to his disciples, as they were arguing about who was going to be great in God’s kingdom, that true leadership is not to be like the Roman leaders they’re used to seeing, who lord over people. He teaches them that true leadership is servant-leadership, and only those who serve will be great (Luke 22:25–27). The most humbling lesson that Jesus demonstrates is washing the feet of the one who has and will betray him.