Power In The Blood

“More recently, Horace Smith, a clinical hematologist as well as the pastor of Chicago’s Apostolic Faith Church and a former World Vision board member, took up those themes in Blood Works. It’s clear that both physicians are as absolutely enthralled with blood as I am horrified by it. ‘The wonders within us … showcase God’s masterpiece of creation and redemption,’ Smith writes. ‘Our blood is one of the most powerful examples of common grace in our lives, and it tells volumes about God’s tender, tenacious care [as it also serves] as a metaphor of the second kind of grace God gives us: special or saving grace…Far from being barbaric, blood is truly beautiful.’”

While the thought of blood usually makes us queasy or creeped out, blood is an important metaphor we can’t ignore in the church.


Source: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2015/april/theres-still-power-in-blood-of-christ.html