What’s So Dangerous About Faith?

In an interview with Christianity Today, John M.G. Barclay speaks about Paul’s view of grace in his book, Paul And The Gift. When asked, “You argue that Paul’s view of grace is bizarre and unsettling, even ‘dangerous.’ Why was Paul’s view of grace so radical?,” he responded, “Paul talks about Christ as the gift of God, the grace of God. What is striking about this is that this gift is given without regard to the worth of the people who receive it. God doesn’t give discriminately to seemingly fitting recipients. He gives without regard to their social, gender, or ethnic worth. Nothing about them makes them worthy of this gift… And this view of grace breaks all sorts of social norms and expectations. The gift of Christ is larger than it should be. It is undeserved forgiveness.”

Grace is indeed dangerous but we thank God that he makes us recipients of this grace through faith.


Source: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2016/january-february/whats-so-dangerous-about-grace.html