The Queen and David Bowie song “Under Pressure” is a bop that has stood the test of time. Who doesn’t sing along to the opening lyrics, “Pressure pushin’ down on me. Pressin’ down on you”? While adults may often minimize the demands on a teenager, the pressures that teens feel are real and valid. Pressures to do well academically, push themselves with demanding curriculum, participate in extracurricular activities, study for college-prep exams, and volunteer are a normal part of the teen experience. Anna Ivey says that “Your record for your college application starts the first day of ninth grade” (Cole Claybourn, “How Colleges Choose Which Students to Admit,” US News & World Report, August 16, 2022, No pressure, though! So, whether you are choosing your future college, summer job, or whom to hang out with this weekend, how do you face these decisions with confidence and optimism rather than fear and anxiety?