The Right Decision

Earlier in the book, James warns the reader to ask God for wisdom and not be “double-minded” (James 1:5, 8). Like Jo March in a film adaptation of Little Women (directed by Greta Gerwig, Columbia Pictures, 2019), when we find ourselves struggling, we may wonder if we made the right decisions. Jo had previously turned down a marriage proposal in order to follow her dreams, but she admits that even though she didn’t love her suitor romantically, she would accept his proposal if he asked again, because, as this clip reveals, she feels lost and alone. There will be times when we feel alone, even when we do our best to draw near to God. Many faithful believers have experienced this spiritual depression, and yet God continues to be with each of us, moving our lives forward every day. We do not have to fear the future or the decisions and their consequences. Instead, we can rely on a God of abundant grace, who dwells in us by his Spirit, to guide us and offer grace. Go in confidence that your story is just beginning; whatever comes, you have the wisdom, tools, and strength to face whatever is ahead, because God is with you.