a white egg on a white plate

Although seen by many people, the often-used visual prop depicting priorities
kept in the correct order versus incorrect order is powerful and unforgettable. To
do this, you need two large jars of the same size and a collection of three sizes of
other objects such as golf balls, smaller bouncy balls or rocks, rice, and water. In
the jar representing misplaced priorities, pour in the water, then the rice, then try
to stuff in bouncy balls and any golf balls that will fit. You will find it won’t fit at all.
But when you start with an empty jar and put the large golf balls in first, then
bouncy balls, then fill in the gaps with rice and finally water, you will fit a lot more
in the jar. The jar represents your life; the golf balls represent the most important
things (God, family, education), the smaller balls represent minor things (grocery
shopping, chores, resting), the rice represents less important things (vacations,
hang-out time, extracurriculars), and the water represents wasted time. You’ll
need to measure out the items before attempting this to make sure the jar filled
with the rightly ordered things actually fits.