Ready and Waiting

We don’t make much of timers counting down until we start getting close to the end. Consider how you felt waiting for a timer to go off during a time-out. It seemed like forever for that five-minute clock to run down. You thought to yourself, “Look at all I’m missing just because I have to wait!” It was even longer if you felt you were wrongly accused. Maybe as a teenager you lost your car for a week because of bad choices or low grades. You had to wait until you brought up your grades or until the time your parents had set aside passed. Maybe you were waiting for the response to a job application or for a cast list after trying out for a play. The waiting was painful. Sometimes waiting is just anticipation, though. How about when you have put all the ingredients together for a cake, and now you are watching the timer because you know what’s coming will be delicious? Or think about watching the clock for those last days of school before summer? What about when you have worked all year long and the date for the cruise is just around the corner? Waiting can mean a number of different things, but for the follower of Christ, waiting means knowing that God has great plans ahead, and we just need to be ready. The time is right around the corner—one way or another.