Repentance and Reform

Ironically, Jeremiah, the prophet of God, was banned from the house of God (v. 5). Apparently, the religious leaders of the day were intolerant of the prophetic message of the Lord. It was too harsh and radical. The church also has a long history of intolerance toward words of repentance and reform. To help illustrate this reality, explain the ministry of John Wesley, the reluctant founder of Methodism. Wesley preached a challenging message that offended both the clergy and laity of the Anglican Church. As with Jeremiah, Wesley’s call for repentance and reform were too extreme and radical for the religious elite. Because of this, he was essentially banned from Anglican pulpits (“Revival and Revolution,” Christian History Institute, accessed November 23, 2023, Prophets who stand for truth and courageously preach the word of God, regardless of how challenging that word is, are often banned and ostracized by those who have authority and hold power.