A biblical worldview of God as the Creator does more than encourage us with an understanding of our value; it also shows us that we have meaning. There is a reason why God created humanity. Psalm 8:6–8 are a recapitulation of Genesis 1:26–28, and as such, remind us of our purpose. Our purpose is found in two things: being in the image of God and being given the charge to work the land. The “image of God” means we are representatives of God. In this world, we function as God’s representative toward others who might not realize they are made in his image. It is like the role of a diplomatic ambassador. Ambassadors are the legal representatives for the nation. Diplomatic immunity is based on the fact that the diplomat can’t be arrested because you can’t arrest a nation. When Prince William and Kate Middleton got married, they uninvited the Syrian ambassador from their wedding. Why? He didn’t do anything. It wasn’t about him; it was because they were unhappy with what Syria was doing to its citizens, and so they withdrew the invitation they had given to the diplomat. It was their way of telling the entire nation of Syria: “We are not happy with you” (“Royal Wedding: Syrian Ambassador’s Invitation Withdrawn” BBC News, April 28, 2011, When we believe we are created in God’s image, that should, then, in turn, have a profound impact in how we interact with others and carry ourselves in this world.