Run To Help Others

Certainly, we need to build our faith on the foundation of Christ. He is the cornerstone to all of Christianity and even more so to our personal faith, but how we express that faith in a culture that has become leery of Christianity may require a different approach. We do not win by beating our opponents with our perfect doctrine. We probably shouldn’t have #winning as a goal in the first place. Instead, Jude challenges us to see one another with compassion, especially those who are doubting and struggling in the faith. When someone has lost their way, we gently urge them back onto the path. We don’t add insult to injury. When Jamel Melville collapsed a few hundred feet from the finish line in the New York City marathon, several runners helped him finish the race. They didn’t run by yelling about how he could’ve kept a better pace, hydrated more, or eaten a few more gel packs along the way to prevent this problem. The video and report tell the story of those who came to his aid, some at the expense of their own accomplishments: We can be people who stop and support rather than run by to protect our personal victory.