Precious Treasure

Wisdom is probably the greatest treasure we can share with others. Life’s experiences are hard to process and take a great deal of time to work through, but if we are willing, we can learn much for our circumstances. Then what we learn has to be passed on to others. In the film Secondhand Lions (directed by Tim McCanlies, New Line Cinema, 2003), young Walter is dumped on the porch of his older, great-uncles’ home by his irresponsible mother. Before leaving she tells him the old men are rumored to have a great treasure hidden on the property, and she tasks him with finding it so that they can be a family again. Though neither the uncles nor Walter relish the idea of spending the summer together, a bond begins to form. Walter learns from the stories of his great-uncles, and through their care and wisdom, he discovers a treasure far more precious than the riches his great-uncles brought back from the grand adventures of their youth.