Safety First

If you’ve ever had a child, babysat, or been in charge of a small group of children, you understand the importance of establishing safety measures. Why do adults, parents, and teachers do this? It’s done so the children don’t harm themselves or each other. Babies and children are wonderful and a blessing from the Lord, but they can be professional mess makers. Is anyone surprised by this? Not really. It takes a caring, patient adult to help them mature and grow. As that baby turns into a toddler, the safety measures change. As the toddler changes into a child, the safety measures once more adapt. With every stage, the boundaries and safeguards are adjusted. The same is true for growing Christians. The safeguards change as we grow in Christ. We are good at making messes. It’s important to note that in the Christian life, spiritual maturity does not automatically happen with time and annual “birthdays