We Can Fix It

A grandfather was working in his workshop on a warm spring afternoon. He watched out the window as his grandson rode his bike in the driveway and then returned to his tasks.

Suddenly, he heard a loud bang and looked up to see his grandson crying on the ground by his broken bike that appeared to have hit the mailbox. He rushed out to check on the grandson, who was okay but heartbroken as he stared at his mangled bike. The grandson looked up at his grandfather and said, “It’s broken!” The grandfather knelt down next to the him and said, “We can fix it.” The two went back into the workshop, and the grandson watched as his grandfather fixed his bike. While the grandson was waiting, he noticed an old clock on the workbench. The grandson picked it up only to drop it on the ground. As tears ran down his face he screamed again to the grandfather, “It’s broken!” The grandfather knelt down again and picked up the clock, whispering in his grandson’s ear, “We can fix it.” Our world is a broken mess and sometimes all we can do is cry and tell God our Father, “It’s broken!” God will answer us, “We can fix it.” Christ has changed everything through the cross, and we can reflect that change and be used to help heal a broken world.