“Donald Grey Barnhouse, who was a pastor at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia for many years, lost his wife when his daughter was still a child. Dr. Barnhouse was trying to help his little girl, and himself, process the lost of his wife and her mother. Once when they were driving, a huge moving van passed them. As it passed, the shadow of the truck swept over the car. The minister had a thought. He said something like this, ‘Would you rather be run over by a truck, or by its shadow?’ His daughter replied, ‘By the shadow of course. That can’t hurt us at all.’ Dr. Barnhouse replied, ‘Right. If the truck doesn’t hit you, but only its shadow, then you are fine. Well it was only the shadow of death that went over your mother. She’s actually alive—more alive than we are. And that’s because two thousand years ago, the real truck of death hit Jesus. And because death crushed Jesus, and we believe in him, now the only thing that we can come over us is the shadow of death, and the shadow of death is but my entrance into glory.’” – Timothy Keller, Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering, p. 304-305