Your Guide

When you travel to an unknown region, whether domestically or internationally, it can be helpful to get a tour guide. A tour guide can take you through the region, informing you of the history that surrounds you. By doing so, they give context to the current state of affairs and help you focus your attention on what is important to see and do during your time in the location. In a similar way, the Word of God is a guide for this life. Because it is inspired, it is God’s very breath of life, and as such, it can speak into our lives and show us what is important and where to focus our attention as we travel through this life. God’s Word can speak into our lives. Psalm 119:105 states that God’s Word is a lamp which lights the path our feet should walk. The idea here isn’t simply the direction we are physically headed in, but rather, the way in which we live our lives.