Steadfast Love

Steadfast NFL

God has a goal of saving his people and being in a relationship with them. His hesed, or steadfast love, shows us his determination in not giving up on us. D’Ernest Johnson is an NFL running back for the Cleveland Browns. He graduated from college in 2017 and had a goal of being a professional athlete. But no team drafted him, and no team signed him after the draft. He spent two years working out and training, as well as working on a fishing boat, never giving up on his dream. In 2019, the Browns signed him to the practice squad, and he then made the team and has worked his way into regular playing rotation. His determination to not give up on his dream of playing in the NFL, even with two years between college and the professional league, is reminiscent of God’s steadfast love for us ( (Note: Preview in advance to determine appropriateness for your group, due to minor language content.)