Viewing Relationships Like Hexagons

Honeycomb Hexagons

Although perfect circles don’t exist in nature—we always find a lump or a bump—look for spheres. When spheres connect naturally, such as with bubbles, they create a hexagon, which is the strongest shape in the world. “Not many people know this but if you want something to hold a lot of weight pick a hexagon. Hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature due to their efficiency. In a hexagonal grid each line is as short as it can possibly be if a large area is to be filled with the fewest number of hexagons. This means that honeycombs require less wax to construct and gain tessellates perfectly” (Karin Crumb Kosmala and Kristine Kemmis, “Architectural Elements: Building Strong Shapes,” accessed November 2, 2021, Perhaps instead of imagining your relationships in concentric circles or a circular pie chart, consider your spheres of friendships as lumpy spheres which cluster together to make a hexagon, able to withstand the pressure and heavy strain of life.