With Us To The End

Jesus gave us the common assignment of going into the world and making disciples, but he did so with a promise. Jesus said, “I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Only someone with all power and authority can make such a claim.

The disciples would face trials and struggle as they spread the gospel, but Jesus assured them he would be there with them.

There’s a funny story about a grandfather who decided to visit his grandson one day and found himself getting in trouble with the child’s mother. Each time the baby cried, Granddad would go into the room and take the child out of his crib. Mom kept insisting, “Dad, leave him in the crib!” After this happened a couple of times, the mom noticed how quiet the house had become. The baby was quiet. She went into the baby’s room, and to her surprise, she found her father cramped into the crib, holding his sleeping grandson. “Dad, what are you doing?” she asked. The father smiled and said, “Hey, you told me not to take him out; you never said anything about me getting in with him.”

Aren’t you glad Jesus never leaves us alone but instead promises to get in this life with us?