The Task At Hand

The Task At Hand Sermon Illustration

It is hard to remain hopeful when we can’t see the full picture of how or when God will redeem the whole world. We can become distracted with our mundane tasks or forgo accomplishing our little callings altogether when we feel like what we are doing isn’t very important. However, consider the numerous skills of laborers on the construction site of a massive building. Each person might not see the full blueprints or know what the final product will ultimately look like. But the diligent worker continues hanging drywall on the corner of the massive building to which he is assigned, the electrician’s apprentice hangs breaker box after breaker box and pulls miles of cables and wires through the portion of the building he works on, and the truck driver hauls countless truckloads of concrete for the foundation. Despite many of them lacking the full picture, they keep working. They trust that the supervisors and contractors all know their parts and the best order in which they need to occur. So it is with us. We cling tightly to the hope that God has lavishly given us while we accomplish the task that is before us now: sharing the gospel with others.