Think like a Farmer for Faithfulness

woman in blue long sleeve shirt wearing brown hat standing in corn field during daytime

The challenge of waiting for God in our lives means that we have to wait until he is finished to see what has grown in our lives. Here’s a great quote from an article by author and pastor’s wife Glenna Marshall, addressing the task of waiting upon God: “Farming our hearts for spiritual growth and faithfulness requires both investment and patience. Farmers don’t sit on their hands throughout spring and summer, hoping a few crops will pop up out of thin air. No, they work diligently toward the harvest. But they also know that they must wait patiently for the crops to take root, grow, and produce fruit. They work and wait. And that’s the approach every believer is called to take” (Glenna Marshall, “Want to Be Faithful? Think like a Farmer,” The Gospel Coalition, June 9, 2020,